Every event, weekend, and consulting relationship is co-created, starting with goals, and keeping age group, time frame, location, and religious practice in mind.

Meaningful Music

Her spirit of innovation is absolutely unbelievable. The programs that Eliana creates are very meaningful….It’s not just about learning music…it’s about giving them an experience that they will never forget, and they will always seek to have again.

– Cantor Azi Schwartz, Park Avenue Synagogue

Eliana writes songs that engage in Jewish content for the head, heart, and spirit. Her concerts invite the audience to be full participants, not just through singing, but through engaging with deep ideas, sacred text, and self-exploration. She also offers music programs for kids and families incorporating movement, learning, and love. Whether in a performance, song session, or prayer context, Eliana uses the power of music to connect people to themselves, each other, their heritage, and that which is greater than all of us.

Come into the singing circle at the Jewish Rock Radio stage at the 2019 URJ Biennial as we go beyONEd together.

Powerful Prayer

When she speaks, she manages to command attention in the most natural, gentle, and unimposing of ways. When she sings, she fills the room and somehow invites harmonies out of the most uninitiated singers. When she pauses in between songs, that’s when you see the power she has to bring the best out of you… everyone at any age – from the most skeptic, busy, or spiritually adventurous – can benefit from singing with Eliana. I certainly have.

-Julie Shain, Shira B’Dira community member

From soulful Friday nights to spirited Saturday mornings, from family Havdalah to Hebrew school Sundays, Eliana brings knowledge, skill, empathy, and playfulness to the crafting and leading of worship experiences. She draws on her roots in the Conservative movement, training in Reform songleading, and participation in renewal and reconstructionist communities, to share the best of Jewish life with everyone, regardless of affiliation. 

Eliana leading services and a new wedding niggun for her dear friends, Shannyn and Max, at their wedding in August 2018.

Excellent Education

Eliana’s presentation touched me on a personal level and on an educator level. She instructs with beautiful music, delightful humor, and a wisdom beyond her years. Absolutely outstanding.

-Institute for Southern Jewish Life Conference Participant

Intentionality, passion, and leadership are at the core of facilitating and planning meaningful educational moments. Eliana creates and implements programs full of powerful content and creative methodology for any age, from song sessions to lunch and learns. 

Eliana is also a sought after keynote speaker and workshop leader for Jewish educators, lay-leaders, and clergy. With a focus on prayer and spirituality, Eliana’s sessions are engaging, entertaining, and delightful. She balances big questions with practical tools, translating Jewish wisdom and helping you do the same. 

Eliana shares the texts and people that inspired her song, Towards Justice.

Creative Consulting

Perhaps you have participated in services at your synagogue, camp, or school, and walked away thinking, “I think prayer here could be better.” Let’s work together to explore what better looks like, but first, what prayer is, and what purpose it serves in your community. How do we balance the comfort of our current members while helping them spiritually stretch? What if there are different levels of Hebrew, of prayer knowledge, of singing strength? What does the best case scenario look like, for us and those in our care? Through group conversations, feedback sessions, one-on-one training, and experimentation, we’ll work to discover the “why” of your organization’s prayer life, helping you offer more meaningful experiences to more people. 

Consulting packages range from a single meeting to a multi-year plan. Whether you want to focus on one service or look at your community holistically, we’ll work together to craft a plan that works for you.

Interested in learning more? Contact Eliana here!

Sample Programs

Every event, weekend, and consulting relationship is co-created, starting with goals, and keeping age group, time frame, location, and religious practice in mind. Let’s make something magical together!



Singing Circle or rehearsal



        -Kabbalat Shabbat OR

        -Class visits 

Family service OR Tot Shabbat

Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv 

Shabbat Dinner

          -Musical teaching OR



Spirited Shacharit

Creative Torah service OR

Family services

Interactive sermon: 

      -The G!D Gap

Lunch and learn

Havdalah and concert

       -Family focused OR

       -“s*ngs ab-ut g?d”

Keynote Addresses

The G!D Gap: What it is and Why it Matters

A Sense of Wonder: 

        -Cultivating Spirituality in Our Children

21st Century Jewish Education 

Praying for Change: 

         -Spiritual practices for justice 

Professional Development

How to (not) Talk About G!D

Positive, Powerful Prayer: T’fillah for K-8

High Holiday Family Services:

        -Music and Methods

Tot Shabbat 101

Music in the Preschool Classroom 

Making Services Spiritual: 

         -Crafting Prayer for Adults

Shiru L’Adonai: Prayer Melodies for Kids

Let’s Sing (About Jewish Things!): 

Teaching Ritual Objects

Adult Education

Hashem: Wrestling with G!D’s Names

And what does G!D require of you? 

          -Social Justice and Our Spiritual Lives 

Artist Beit Midrash 

Singing G!D’s Names

Oh my G!D?! – Prayer in Everyday Life

Day School and Hebrew School

Dynamic musical t’fillah

Thematic music-centered programs

Classroom music sessions

Songwriting workshops

G!D programs for middle school students


Meeting online and in person to: 

Invest in and improve music and prayer 

Train laity in prayer leadership 

Craft spiritual experiences for families 

Prepare High Holiday service leaders 

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