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There is so much beautiful wisdom within our sacred texts and traditions.

Wisdom that can inspire us to change ourselves and our world for the better, reminding us that we are all connected.

How can we find these treasures buried in our own backyard?

It starts with a good guide. ​

What happens when the God we thought we had to believe in doesn’t match what we see in the world. This is the God Gap- and through digging into Jewish wisdom, Eliana expands our ideas of what God could be, reflecting on her own spiritual journey, and encouraging viewers to do the same

A prayer for the end of Yom Kippur, the last holy moment of the holiest day. Sung with dear friends and colleagues at Hava Nashira, the song and prayer leader training gathering. How can we give ourselves permission to ask for help when we need it?

About Eliana

Eliana is working towards a world of One-ness, guided and inspired by Jewish heritage. She focuses on translating liturgy, prayer practice, and G!D-concepts in ways that are deep and accessible for all people and all ages. Eliana’s music, programs, and teaching reflect a spirit of playfulness, embodied wisdom, empathy, and joy.

Eliana grew up in a caring Jewish home in Memphis, TN. Her parents, a Rabbi and a Jewish educator with a beautiful voice, instilled in her a love for Jewish ritual, culture, and sacred song. She seeks to share this love with others, believing that all Jews deserve meaningful Jewish experiences, whether in synagogues, on the fringes, or online.

In 2016, Eliana graduated from the Davidson School at the Jewish Theological Seminary with a Masters in Jewish Experiential Education. Her undergraduate degree in Sociology from Brandeis University honed her skills in observation and empathy that are crucial to her work. She now lives in Durham, North Carolina, serving as artist-in-residence at Beth El and with communities around the world. 

Featured performer/educator at:

Eliana’s presentation touched me on a personal level and on an educator level. She instructs with beautiful music, delightful humor, and a wisdom beyond her years. Absolutely outstanding.
-Institute for Southern Jewish Life Conference Participant

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