How we (don’t) talk about G!D Matters

When I was a kid, I thought God was a dude in the sky with a beard. But as I got older, that stopped feeling true. Only through trauma, exploration, and a lot of learning did I realize I had permission to evolve my theology. 

I went from God to G!D – Exploding the word, leaving room for the myriad of ways Judaism seeks to describe the indescribable.

The G!D Project gives that permission to others, whether through professional development, programs, concerts, or curricula. Together, we can unpack our G!D-baggage, find new ways into text and tradition, and connect the spirit we seek to the treasures of our heritage.

Listen to Eliana’s interview on “Judaism Unbound” :

The God Gap Eli Talk

What happens when the way you believed in God stops making sense with your lived reality? This is the God Gap- and how we choose to bridge it, or not, can change the course of our lives. What it is, why does it matter, and how can we help ourselves and others cross over safely? 

Learning and art

Torah, prayer, ancient texts, music, philosophy, and new voices- we have so much to learn from other’s interpretation of the Divine. Watch this space for lesson plans, essays, videos, art, and other materials, all designed to help you think and talk about the big G word in a new and expansive way. 


Through innovative ritual, experiential education, and holy sharing, the G!D Project seeks to facilitate the God conversation at every developmental level.  For children, Bnei Mitzvah students, adults, educators, and everyone in between- each and every person deserves to find their own name for G!D. 

Photos from our Harlem Havdalah + G!D cabaret

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