Sing Your Seder: Songs for Passover

On Passover, we’re asked to see ourselves as if we left Egypt. We do this through eating symbolic foods, telling stories, and singing! Here are a few songs (in ascending age order) to help you get ready for and celebrate this holiday of Freedom.

Miriam’s Freeze Dance 

Dance like Miriam at the sea- and freeze! 

Flat Like a Matzah 

Use your whole body to explore the foods on the seder plate (and matzah, of course). 

Feather, Candle, & Spoon 

Search the house for chametz crumbs the night before the holiday! 

Moadim L’simcha 

Learn the special greeting for the middle days of Passover and Sukkot. Made at the Ramah Darom Pesach Retreat! 


Listen Here

It would have been enough to know one tune, but why not learn more? 

Published by The Jewish Education Project for Music Together® Sing Shalom, March 2019

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