Real Talk with the Universe: A Prayer-Poetry Workshop Series

July 12, 19, and 26 (come to one, two, or all three!)

4 eastern/ 1 pacific 

90 minutes 

20$ per session  

Registration Links Below

Remember when one global event of historical proportions felt like a lot to process?

During this season of crisis, revolution, and soul-searching, many of us are naturally feeling powerless, humbled, heartbroken, wonder-struck, and grateful, often in rapid succession moment by moment. While these feelings can be the cause of confusion and even despair, they can also be seen as prayer. 

We seek to connect to the prayers of our ancestors through the prayers of our own hearts. We desire to see our ancestors as people, with their own fears, loves, and beliefs, their own relationship to that which is greater. We seek to build a bridge between their cryings-out and our own response to the world we live in, learning from their wisdom and adding our voices to the unfolding narrative of tradition. 

For this series, we’re inspired by Anne Lamott’s formulation of the three essential prayers: “Thanks. Help. Wow.” Each workshop will focus on one of these core ideas, beginning with how the Jewish tradition has expressed it, and leading into space for us to explore and give voice to the prayers in our own hearts. 

Co-facilitated by poet-educator Alexander Nemser and musician-educator Eliana Light 

Click to register:

July 12 Thanks

July 19 Help 

July 26 Wow 

Please send payment by venmo to @Alexander-Nemser or contact for more options. 

Hope to see you there! 

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