Episode 7: The Jewish Space-Time Continuum (with Yoshi Silverstein)

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Episode 7: The Jewish Space-Time Continuum (with Yoshi Silverstein) 

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(0:25) Learn more about Mitsui Collective here

(0:59) Learn more about Repair the World here

(6:21) Tefillah – תפילה –  our word for both prayer and prayers, liturgy and personal practice. 

(12:43) Shabbat – שבת – is the Jewish day of rest. 

(15:06) Learn more about Reverend angel Kyodo williams Sensei here. You can find her book, Radical  Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation here

(24:37) Watch Victoria Hanna’s 22 Letters here

(35:23) Sukkot – סוכות is an eight day holiday, a harvest festival in the fall. Part of the tradition of Sukkot is that we build a sukkah – סוכה – a temporary dwelling.

(46:20) Learn more about Resmaa Menakem here. He’s the author of My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies. 

What Somatic Abolitionism Is (website)

Read: Healing Ancestral Trauma to Heal Our Democracies — Resmaa Menakem & Rabbi Tirzah Firestone

Listen: Notice the Rage; Notice the Silence — Resmaa Menakem Interview (June 4, 2020) — On Being with Krista Tippett. 

(52:49) Neshama – נשמה – is the Hebrew word for soul. Neshima – נשמה – is the Hebrew word for breath. Notice how they both have the same letters. 

(56:05) Btselem Elohim – בצלם אלוהים – in G!d’s Image. 

(58:13) Mitzrayim – מצרים – Egypt. 

(59:18) Shamati – שמעתי – I heard.

(59:31) Midrashim – מדרשים – interpretations. 

(1:04:23) Kabbalah – קבלה – is Jewish mysticism. You can learn more here

(1:06:21) Siddur – סידור – is a prayer book. 

(1:07:20) Mitsui – מיצוי – is the Aramaic word for the activation of potential. The following words come from the same root word:

Matzah – מצה – the name for the unleavened bread eaten on Passover

Motzi – מוצי – is the prayer we say for bread

Limtzo – למצוא – to find. 
(1:09:10) Mourner’s Kaddish – קדיש יתום – is a prayer recited for the dead. It is recited in the presence of 10 people, known as a minyan – מנין. You can learn more here.

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