Episode 34: Song and the Human Story (with Marni Loffman)

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(3:22) Gan – גן – Jewish preschool. 

(5:12) You can find As A Driven Leaf by Rabbi Milton Steinberg here

(5:33) Acher – אחר – other. 

(7:25) Learn more about Ramah here.

(9:22) Learn more about James Fowler’s Theory of Faith Development here

(13:28) Halachot – הלכות – Jewish law. 

(19:35) Learn more about Genesis at Brandeis here

(19:51) Mechitza minyan – מחיצה מנין – here Marni is referring to a prayer group in which men and women sit separately and have differentiated roles in the service. Learn more about mechitza here.

(19:56) Frum – פרום – (Yiddish) religious or pious. 

(21:15) Egal minyan – Here, Marni is referring to an egalitarian prayer group, where all members of the prayer community have equal standing regardless of gender identity. 

(21:44) Jewbu – someone whose faith is a combination of Judaism and Buddhism. Learn more here

(23:41) Learn more about the denominations of Judaism that Marni mentions: Reform, Jewish Renewal, Breslov, Reconstructionist, Orthodox, Masorti 

(24:15) In Episode 20 of the Light Lab Podcast, we interviewed Daphna Rosenberg, founder of Nava Tehila! Listen here

(24:45) Tehilim – תהילים – Psalms

(26:00) Kabbalat Shabbat – קבלת שבת – learn more here.

(26:55) Kavanah – קוונה – intention. 

(34:49) Learn more about Wesleyan’s Lotus House here

(38:30) Learn more about the BBYO International Convention here.

(38:43) The scholar Marni refers to is Imam Abdullah Antepli. Learn more about him here

(42:03) T’fillat Haderech – תפילת הדרך – the Traveler’s Prayer. Learn more here.

 (44:48) Lechu neranena l’Adonai – לכו נרננה לה – Let us sing out to G?d (Marni’s translation). You can find the whole prayer here.

(50:13) Learn more about the New Synagogue Project here.

(53:30) Learn more about HaZamir here

(53:42) Learn more about Yeshivat Orayta here.

(54:14) Nusach – נוסח – classical Jewish melodic modes (Marni’s translation).

(56:19) Niggun – ניגון – wordless melody. 

(57:26) Learn more about Havdalah here.

(1:05:23) Learn more about Richard Dawkins here.


Adon – אדון – Master 

Adon Olamin – אדון עולמים – Master of Worlds 

Ribon olamim – ריבון העולמים – Master of Worlds

Ribon kol hanasim – ריבון כל הניסים – Master of All Miracles 

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