Episode 33: From Narrowness to Freedom (with Rabbi Minna Bromberg, PhD)

(0:22) Learn more about rosh chodesh here

(0:31) Mar cheshvan – מר חשון – “bitter cheshvan” – this is how some people describe the month because there aren’t any holidays. 

(0:57) Chagim – חגים – holidays. Learn more about the holidays we celebrated over the last month here.

(1:17) Learn more about Rabbi Mina Bromberg PhD and Fat Torah here. You can join the Fat Torah Facebook group here and follow them on instagram here.  

(4:58) Learn more about Camp Tel Yehudah here.

(5:26) Keva – קבע – fixed quality of the prayers. Learn more here.

(5:31) Shacharit – שחרית – morning prayers. Learn more here.

(9:05) Karov adonai l’chol korav – קרוב ה לכל קוראיו – G?d is close to all who call upon G?d (Minna’s translation). Learn more about Ashrei here.

(13:50) Yetziat mitzrayim – יציאת מצרים – the Exodus from Egypt. Learn more here

(14:31) Kiddush – קידוש – blessing over wine or grape juice that sanctifies Shabbat and holidays. Learn more here.

 (14:37) Mi chamocha – מי כמכה – “Who is like You?” – learn more about the prayer here.

(22:23) Click to learn more about BBW and NAAFA

(25:31) Listen to our previous episode about Hanukkah here!  

(26:30) Sufganiyot – סופגניות – fried jelly donuts. Learn more here.

(30:42) Bima – בימה – the raised platform services are led from.

(32:56) Learn more about Allan Sherman here.

(33:23) Zaftig – זפטיג (Yiddish) – plump.

(33:50) Learn more about Fat Studies here.

(34:42) You can read Fearing the Black Body by Sabrina Strings here.

(35:14) You can read Fat Shame by Amy Farrell here.

(46:12) B’tzelem elohim – בצלם אלוהים – created in the Divine Image. Learn more here.

(46:21) Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5 

 (46:25) Midrash – מדרש – interpretive teaching. Learn more here.

(50:48) Add some fat folks to your instagram feed- this list is a great place to start! 
And check out the podcast Maintenance Phase for refreshing and fun deep dives into dismantling diet culture

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