Episode 26: Diary of the Jewish People (with Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman, phD)

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01:50  Zichrono Livracha- May his memory be for a blessing. Traditionally said after invoking someone who has passed away.

04:40  Ramah Sports Academy

05:13  My People’s Prayer Book by Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman



05:58  HUC- Hebrew Union College, the Reform movement’s college for Cantorial, Rabbinical, and Educational studies

08:50  Shaliach Tzibbur- Emissary of the Congregation. The Hebrew phrase for “prayer leader.”

08:58  Davening Shacharit

Davening- yiddish word for praying, often refers to a particular style of praying which 

includes saying all the words of the liturgy in a meditative way and moving the body 

Shacharit- The Morning Service

09:27  Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

09:32  Yizkor: The Memorial Service

13:57  Reconstructionist Judaism

14:44  Mordachai Kaplan– founder of Reconstructionist Judaism

16:09  anti semitism

16:11  Gentleman’s Agreement by Laura Hobson

16:46  Eugene Borowitz

17:05  Talmud 

17:37  Seder

18:18 URJ Kutz Camp

The Reform movement camp for leadership development, which closed in 2019.

19:29 Union Prayer Book

20:25 Meri Arian

Doug Mishkin

21:09  Da lifnei mi atah omed- know before whom you stand 

From the Talmud Brachot 28b

21:47 shochet and the laws of kosher slaughter

22:23 There are many different ways for people to pray

22:47 CCAR: Central Conference of American Rabbis

The Reform movement’s Rabbinical association 

Prayer as an aesthetic experience 

23:27 North American Academy of Liturgy

25:49 havdalah – the prayer that ends Shabbat and welcomes the week

26:15  Mitzvah

26:56  The Sovereign Self: Jewish Identity in Post-Modern America by Arnie Eisen and Steven Cohen

28:39 Gates of Understanding: Volume 1

30:45 Prayer as means of identification/ identity formation 

The diary of the Jewish people

34:47 Justice justice you shall pursue- Deuteronomy 16:20

40:04 Prayer as an Aesthetic Experience 

42:25 Minhag Ami- My people’s prayerbook

Mishkan T’fillah– Reform Prayerbook 

42:45 Chassidus

42:50 Halacha: The Laws of Jewish Life

43:40 The Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music- Reform Cantorial School, at HUC

44:21 “I’m a prayerbook myself” story

46:26 Hourglass

48:21 Jewish Lights Publishing

Stuart Matlins founder of Jewish lights

49:02 Tachanun: The Daily Prayer Asking for Forgiveness 

51:46 My People’s Passover Haggadah 

51:58 Machzor: The High Holiday Prayer Book

54:41 Just because the leaders of the service love it, doesn’t mean everyone else will too

(just because you love it, not everyone else will)

1:00:00 How can we involve people in the Jewish conversation?

1:04:23 So much hope- the future is bright indeed! 

More books by Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman

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