Episode 20: Permission to Befriend the Text (with Daphna Rosenberg)

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(1:53) Learn more about Daphna Rosenberg here and Nava Tehilla here.

(2:38) Learn more about the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) here.

(2:43) Daven – pray. 

(3:23) Learn more about Or Halev Center for Jewish Spirituality here.

(3:28) Learn more about Hadar’s Rising Song Institute here.  

(3:24) Hevruta – חברותא – study and connection partners. 

(4:46) Making aliyah – moving to Israel. 

(5:20) Learn more about Sephardic, Ashkenazic, and Mizrachi Jews here.

(5:43) Shul – בית כנסת – synagogue. 

(5:47) Chagim – חגים – holidays. 

(5:57) Learn more about Kabbalat Shabbat here

(6:19) Learn more about Yom Kippur here

(6:28) Machzor – מחזור – special prayer book for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

(6:50) Birkat Hamazon – ברכת המזון – blessings at the end of the meal. Learn more here

(7:15) Chazan – חזן – cantor. Learn more here.

(9:16) Listen to Mi Ha’Ish – מי האיש – here.

(12:12) Learn more about Francis of Assisi here

(13:19) Listen to Yemin Hashem here

(14:34) Am sgula – עם סגולה – chosen people. 

(14:57) Learn more about Rabbi Ruth Gan Kagan here

(14:59) Learn more about Rav Zalman Shachter-Shalomi here.

(17:07) Adonai hu haelohim – אדוני הוא האלוהים – Adonai is g?d. This line is chanted many times as part of the climatic end of the Yom Kippur service 

(18:46) Aseh v’lo ta’aseh – עשה ולא תעשה – “to do” commandments and “not to do” commandments. Learn more here.

(21:46) Ein od milvado – אין עוד מלבדו – There is no one else. 

(21:59) Kvodo maleh olam – כבודו מלא עולם – g?d’s holiness is everywhere. 

(24:26) Trope – טעמים – the special cantillation for reading Torah. Learn more here

(24:30) Learn more about Shavuot here

(24:34) Aseret hadibrot – עשרת הדברות – Ten Commandments. 

(25:12) Learn more about Simchat Torah here

(25:36) Lo bashamayim hi – לא בשמים היא – The law is not in heaven. Learn more here

(27:14) Learn more about Kabbalah here and Chasidut here.

 (27:49) Pasuk – פסוק – verse.

(28:05) Click to listen to Asher Lo Hayam, Sham’ah Va-Tismach, Zamru (Havayah), B’amud Anaan, Y’cholel Ayalot, Lecha Dodi 

(28:25) Tehila – תהילה – praise. 

(30:24) Kol haneshama tehalel ya – כל הנשמה תהלל יה – All that has breath shall praise G?d. 

(32:04) Heimish – Yiddish word for homey. 

(33:17) Oneg – עונג – a festive gathering on Friday night after services. 

(38:20) Learn more about Neo-Hasidism here.

(41:57) Kavanot – כוונות – giving a personal meaning to the prayer. 

(42:10) Pshat – פשט – the literal meaning of a verse

(49:19) Chutzpah – חוצפה – gall / self-confidence. 

(57:03) Check out our previous episodes on Modeh/Modah Ani and Shema

(58:40) Listen to Shiviti here

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