Episode 18: Siddur as Work of Art (with Rabbi Elie Kaunfer)

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(0:32) Learn more about Hadar here.

(1:04) Learn more about the Jewish Theological Seminary here.  

(5:34) Daven – a Yiddish word meaning to pray. 

(6:47) Learn more about Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel here.

(8:00) Learn more about the Talmud here and Midrash here.

(9:08) Learn more about Reuven Kimelman here.

(10:27) You can find The Nonverbal Language of Prayer by Uri Ehrlich here.   

(11:14) Learn more about the Cairo Geniza here.

(11:53) You can find My People’s Prayer Book by Lawrence Hoffman here

(12:09) You can find Beyond the Text: A Holistic Approach to Liturgy by Lawrence Hoffman here.

(13:20) Learn more about Dalia Marx here.

(14:40) Minyan – מנין – prayer group. 

(17:20) HaEl HaGadol HaGibor V’Hanorah – האל הגדול הגיבור והנורא – The Great, Mighty and Awesome g?d (Elie’s translation). 

(23:14) Machloket – מחלקת – disagreement. 

(28:53) Atah chonen leadam da’at – אתה חונן לאדם דעת – You grace Adam (or people) with knowledge (Elie’s translation). 

(29:34) Melech ohev tzedaka u’mishpat – מלך אוהב צדקה ומשפט – g?d who loves justice and righteousness (Elie’s translation).

(31:39) Learn more about Rabbi Ebn Leader here.

(32:18) Bakashot – בקשות – requests. 

(35:53) Baruch atah hashem – ברוך אתה ה – Blessed Are You G?d. 

(36:44) Ehyeh asher ehyeh – אהיה אשר אהיה – I Am that I Am (or I Will Be What I Will Be). 

(39:28) Rachum – רחום – merciful. Chanun – חנון – gracious. 

(43:08) Lehitpalel – להתפלל – to pray is the infinitive of Tefillah – תפילה – prayer. 

(44:08) Refuah – רפואה – healing. 

(45:47) Learn more about Debra Reed Blank here.

(53:36) Learn more about Joey Weisenberg, Deborah Sacks Mintz, and Batya Levine. 

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