Episode 12: Prayer is not so Linear (with Rabbi Steve Sager)

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(1:19) Learn more about Rabbi Sager and Sicha here

(3:57) T’fillah – תפילה – liturgy and prayer.

(4:42) Ba’alat T’fillah/Ba’al T’fillah – בעלת תפילה/בעל תפילה – literally “master of t’fillah.” 

(4:47) Shaliach Tzibur – שליח ציבור – t’fillah leader, literally “emissary of the congregation.”

(5:15) Seichel – שכל – a Hebrew and Yiddish word that is a sort of sixth sense of intelligence.

(5:17) Neshama – נשמה – soul.

(5:19) Nefesh – נפש – another way to describe a soul.

(6:16) Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, was a founder of the Jewish Renewal movement. Learn more here.

(6:18) Alav hashalom – עליו השלום –  may he rest in peace. 

(6:48) Daven – Yiddish for the act of praying

(6:50) Minyan – מנין – prayer group. 

(7:00) Learn more about Rabbi Art Green here

(9:12) Palal pey lamed lamed – פלל – to weigh, to judge, to adjudge, to balance it out 

(9:31) Rau panecha lo pilalti- רְאֹה פָנֶיךָ לֹא פִלָּלְתִּי – I never reckoned on seeing you again. Genesis 48:11. 

(10:19) Natan biflilim – וְנָתַ֖ן בִּפְלִלִֽים – judge how far along her pregnancy was. Exodus 21:22. 

(11:21) Lehitpalel – להתפלל – to pray. 

(11:46) Lehitlabesh – להתלבש – to dress yourself. Lehitbonen – להתבונן – to contemplate. Lehitraot – להתראות – we will see each other again. Lehitcatev – להתכתב – to correspond. 

(13:07) Learn more about Polish-American poet Czeslaw Milosz here

(14:00) Sim shalom tovah u’vracha – שים שלום טובה וברכה – Grant us peace, welfare, and blessing. Find the full prayer here.

(15:48) Mechaye – מחיה – life-giver. 

(15:54) Mechayeh hameitim – מחיה המתים – resurrects the dead. 

(16:25) Tefillin – תפילין – leather boxes with the Shema inside worn during morning prayers. Learn more here

(17:08) Modeh Ani Lefanecha – מודה אני לפניך – I’m grateful to You. Learn more about this prayer in Episode 4!

(19:04) Chuppah – חופה – wedding canopy. Here is that picture from Siddur Ashurit, Asher Anshel Broyn, Shomerei Emunah, Jerusalem 1964.

(20:58) Lashon naki – לשון נקיה – clean language. 

(21:07) Machloket – מחלוקת – sacred argument. 

Liturgy-comes from the late latin “liturgia,” which comes from the greek “leitourgia” meaning public service. 

(31:31) Unetaneh tokef – ונתנה תוקף – is a prayer poem about the day of judgment, said on the High Holidays. Learn more here

(31:33) Learn more about the Silverman Prayerbook here

(32:37) Tzedakah – צדקה – charity, righteousness. 

(50:56) How do we know that G?d prays? Talmud Berakhot 7a. 

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