Episode 10: Why Worship? (with Cantor Rosalie Will)

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(0:38) Hava Nashira is a gathering of songleaders and worship leaders exploring how to best utilize music to uplift communities. Learn more here.

(1:15) You can learn more about Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) here.  

(2:56) Tefillah – תפילה – prayer + liturgy (more on that in our first episode) 

(11:00) Moshe Rabbeinu – משה רבינו – is another name for Moses, meaning “Moses our teacher.” 

(12:27) Learn more about Priya Parker and her work here

(18:22) Minyanim – מניינים – prayer groups. 

(24:05) Learn more about B’nai Jeshurun in New York here

(25:38) Learn more about the Brandeis Reconstructionist Organization here.

(26:36) Learn more about Debbie Friedman z”l and her work here.

(26:38) Learn more about Cantor Jeff Klepper and his work here

(26:42) Learn more about Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute here

(27:21) Learn more about Rabbi Dan Freelander and his work here.

(29:28) Ashke-centric refers to being centered in Ashkenazi tradition. Check out this article by Isaac -Ofori Solomon for some further reading on this idea. 

(30:57) Learn more about Shira Kline and her work here

(31:13) Learn more about Rabbi Sandra Lawson and her work here

(31:20) Learn more about Keshira haLev Fife and their work here.

(32:31) Learn more about Koach Baruch Frazier and his work here.

(36:02) Learn more about Hebrew Union College (HUC) here

(41:57) Mishegas – מישגס – is a Yiddish word for nonsense or craziness. 

(44:58) You can learn more about Cantor Rosalie Will here. You find Sign Unto God here. You can contact Rosalie by email at rosalie@rosaliewill.com.

The closing song is “Sing Unto God” by Debbie Friedman from the album she recorded live at Carnegie Hall. (at the end of the episode, you can hear Debbie saying “I’d like to welcome you to Beth Carnegie,” a play on how many synagogue names begin with “Beth” or “Beit,” meaning “House of.”)  You can read about that incredible event here. 

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