Eliana Sings (About Jewish Things!)

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Eliana Sings (About Jewish Things!)

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Track Listing:

1. Jewish Things

2. What God Would Do

3. The Best Me I Can Be

4. Al Netilat Yadaim

5. Feather Candle & Spoon

6. Holiday Carnival

7. Synagogue Detectives

8. The Yad Song

9. The Mishkan Song

10. Around the Shabbos Table

11. Saying Goodbye to Shabbos

12. Thank You Mezuzah

Eliana Sings About Jewish Things is one of our family's favorite albums. My 5 and 2-year old kids request it when we get in the car and love to sing along. As a cantor and Jewish educator myself, I am so excited to have material that is both fun to sing and also touching on Jewish topics for which I have never had musical material before. It's the kind of music where the kids will love to sing it, and will secretly becoming Jewishly wiser every second!- Cantor Rollin Simmons