Eliana received the Jewish Education Project's Young Pioneer's Award in 2017. This video highlights her work at Park Avenue Synagogue, and how music can engage everyone from young to old, from early childhood to teens and everyone in between. 

Sing along with me and the amazing folks at NewCAJE7! Featuring a blush-worthy introduction from the one and only Ellen Allard, and the songs B'ruchim Ha'baim, 4 Mitzvot 4 Purim, the Yad Song, and Shalom Everybody.

What happens when the way we talk about God no longer works? Eliana Light looks at how the ways we think and talk about God as kids can limit--and sometimes even cut off--that very important relationship as we grow older and life becomes more complicated.

The Talmud tale of Achnai's oven, told in cartoon and ballad form. Written and performed by Eliana, illustrated and animated by Stu Sufrin, and brought to you by Studio G-dcast.